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Daniel Sieteiglesias



About me


Hi! Welcome to my web page.

Mia Couto said it very well: Listen, and you will realize that we are made not from cells or from atoms. We are made from stories.

By the age of 8 I had already lived in Switzerland, the USA, Spain and Italy. I was born in Madrid so I guess I'm originally Spanish, but a bit of a salad from everywhere. I learnt to read and write in English and Spanish at the same time and these languages, with French coming later, have become my allies to interact with the world.

I studied Humanities in Universidad de Salamanca  and joined a university theater group. Soon my interest in philosophy, literature and arts had a great competitor: acting. As soon as I graduated I moved to Madrid and attended drama school in Guindalera Escena Abierta.

Life has taken me through even more adventures and journeys as an adult. I've spent the last eight years living in French speaking countries, always keeping a foot in Madrid. I think of myself as a professional migrant and a story teller.

Acting is my biggest passion and my profession. I love playing from charismatic characters to bad guys in comedy, drama, action or science fiction.


Writing has been for me the biggest expression of freedom. I like entertaining and telling stories to the world; thinking that stories, in life and in fiction are what shape us.

I've worked in films, TV series and theater productions in French, Spanish and English; some of them being multilingual, such as the play No women's land (winner of 1st prize Festival Avignon off 2018). I´ve also done voice over for the cartoon series The Smurfs, now in Nickelodeon and Netflix, playing Vanity Smurf in the English version.


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Daniel Sieteiglesias


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