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Daniel Sieteiglesias


TV & Films

2023 Miskina, la pauvre (FR) Series

Directed by Melha Bedia and Anthony Marciano

Prime Video (To be released in 2024)

2020-2023 The Smurfs (BE/FR/DE) Cartoon series (Vanity Smurf's voice)

Season 1 & 2 (83 chapters)

Directed by William Renaud

Produced by Peyo Productions, Dupuis Edition & Audiovisuel, IMPS Brussels, Dargaud Media

Distributed by Netflix USA and Latinamerica, Nickelodeon USA and Nickelodeon International Channel

2023 El conseguidor (SP) Feature film

Directed by Rodrigo Rivas

Produced by Derivas Films

(Cinemas 2024)

2022 En Los márgenes (SP/BE) Feature Film

Directed by Juan Diego Botto

With Penélope Cruz and Luis Tosar

Produced by Morena Films, Anga Productions and Panaché Productions

Now in Amazon Prime Video, Movistar and Filmin.

Nominated to 5 Goya prices.

2022 Geldwolven (BE) Series

Directed by Gijs Polspoen

Produced by Caviar for Amazon and Streamz.

2021 Past imperfect (BE) Short film

Directed by Aulona Fetahaj

Luca arts

2021 For a world without a future (BE) Short film

Directed by Alexander Rappe

Luca arts

2021 La poule aux oeufs d'or s'appelle Maïa (BE) Short film

Directed by Margot Houget

Luca arts

2021 Nosotros (BE) Short film

Directed by Geoffrey Detant

Luca arts

2021 La bouche sèche (BE) Short film

Directed by Neill de Cock

Luca arts

2021 Sweetie (BE) Short film

Direceted by Joachim Vandenhole

Luca arts

2021 Terruno (BE) Short film

Directed by Natalia Garrido

Independent production

2020 Parlement (FR/DE/BE) TV series

Directed by Émilie Noblet et Jérémie Sein

Produced by Cinétévé, Artemis Productions, CineCentrum

2020 Cookies (BE/SP) Short film

Directed by Guy Dessent and Naya Kuu

Independent production

2020 OK dolls (BE/SP) Short film

Directed by Guy Dessent and Naya Kuu

Independent production

2019 Los asesinatos de Goya (BE/SP) Feature film 

Directed by Gerardo Herrero

Produced by Tornasol, Entre Chien et Loup, RTVE, Movistar+

2018 Fiskepark (BE) TV series

Directed by Filip Lenaerts, Joeri Vlekken

Produced by De Mensen

2017 A walk in the park (BE) Short film

Directed by Dieter Grohmann

Independent production

2016 Fashion victims (BE) Short film 

Directed by Katia Olivier

Katia Olivier

2015 Platónica (BE/SP) Short film

Directed by Naya Kuu

Independent production

2011 Crimen de autor (SP) Short film

Directed by Esteban Jabon

Independent production

2009 El club de Pizzicato (SP) TV show

Directed by Gustavo Jimenez

Produced by TVE

2008 Aída (SP) TV series

Directed by Miguel Cruz Carretero

Produced by Globomedia


2017-2024 No women's land (FR/BE/CH)

First Prize Avignon festival 2018 best off theater play

By Luca Franceschi

Theatre Creanova / International Tour (Belgium, France, Switzerland)

2023 Stuffed Animals (BE)

By Ultimatum Colectivo

Passaporta Festival with Instituto Cervantes Bruselas and Spainculture Belgium

2016 Feministas (SP/BE)

Written and directed by Daniel Sieteiglesias

Projection room / Brussels

2016 Our town (BE)

By Thornton Wilder. Directed by John FlanderS

Flanders acting studio / Brussels

2015 Deprav (CH)

By different authors. Directed by Michael Sausser

Theatre 2:21 / Lausanne

2015 Blockbuster (CH)

Written and directed by Thomas González

Theatre 2:21 / Lausanne

2010 Los últimos dias de Emmanuel Kant (SP)

By Alfonso Sastre. Directed by Dolores Garayalde

RESAD / Madrid

2009 Romeo y Julieta (SP)

By William Shakespeare. Directed by Alex Tormo

Centro Cultural Moncloa / Madrid

2009 Dionisos bachiller (SP)

Written and directed by Jesús Asensi

Play for schools / Madrid

2008 La Desaparición de Wendy (SP/MA)

By Benet i Jornet directed by Alex Tormo

Casablanca International University Theater Festival

2007 Lope de Aguirre traidor (SP)

By José Sanchis Sinisterra. Directed by Juan Pastor

Teatro Guindalera / Madrid

2007 Antígona tiene un plan (SP)

Max price best musical

Directed by Javier Muñoz

Teatro de Madrid and National tour

2007 La visita de la vieja dama (SP)

By Dürrenmatt. Directed by Alex Tormo

Triaca Teatro / Madrid

2007 Briefing (SP)

Adaptation of L'Histoire d'un Soldat

By Ramuz and Stravinski. Directed by Jesús Asensi

Teatro de Madrid / Madrid

2005 Nuestra ciudad (SP) 

By Thornton Wilder
Directed by Alex Tormo

Triaca Teatro / Madrid

2003 Soliloquio de grillos (SP)

By Juan Copete

Cortesmiente Teatro

Universidad de Salamanca

2003 Cuadros de humor y amor al fresco (SP)

By Alonso de Santos

Cortesmiente Teatro

Universidad de Salamanca

2002 Fuera de quicio (SP)

By Alonso de Santos

Cortesmiente Teatro

Universidad de Salamanca


Theater plays

Radio Bruselas

Play with 8 characters. 1 hour 10 minute long

El folleto azul

Play with 4 characters. 40 minute long

Short films

The argument

2 characters. Drama


Written with Naya Kuu, Guy Dessent and Mar Pastor

Directed by Naya Kuu & Guy Dessent

First screening: Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg 2021 (DE)

Sin compasión

Written with Alvaro Pastor

4 characters. Comedy/Drama

Short theater plays

Un balcón de Usera

Play with two characters. 10 minute long

Second Prize Carro de Baco 2020

Represented in:

Radio Iaspis (GR) June 2020


Play with two characters. 15 minute long

Represtented in:

Microteatro Madrid (SP) April 2014

Microteatro Almería (SP) April 2015

Microteatro Guadalajara (MEX) May 2015

Microteatro Málaga (SP) December 2015


Microteatro Veracruz (MEX) June 2015


Microteatro Donosti (SP) August 2017 and April 2018

Punto Escénico, Guadalajara (MEX) 2022-2023

Radio program Sangre Fucsia (SP) Special emission for the celebration of their 100th program in 2015

Macarena y Rocío

Play with two characters. 15 minute long

Represented in:

Microteatro Málaga (SP) March 2015


Microteatro Almería (SP) March 2015


Microteatro Veracruz (MEX) March 2015


Microteatro Sevilla (SP) May and June 2016


La Casala Teatro, Sevilla (SP) November and December 2017, April 2018, Noche en blanco, 2019


Play with two characters. 15 minute long

Represented in:


Microteatro Madrid, (SP) June 2015


Adapted for the radio program Sangre Fucsia, (SP) December 2014


Projection Room, Brussels (BE) November 2016


Play with two characters. 15 minute long

Represented in:


Microteatro Almería, (SP) July - August 2015


Microteatro Sevilla, (SP) December 2015 and July 2016


Microteatro Madrid, (SP) June-July 2018

Mi conejillo está solo y es ilegal

Written with Mar Pastor

Play with three characters. 15 minute long

Represented in:


Microteatro Valencia, (SP) May 2017

Los heavies

Play with two characters -one who plays guitar- 15 minute long

Represented in:


El Escondite Teatro, Madrid (SP) April 2017


Microteatro México (MEX) March and April 2018


Hotel Sabatini, Madrid (SP) March 2019


Written with Mar Pastor

Play with two characters. 10 minute long

Represented in:


Festival Russafa a Escena, Valencia (SP) October 2018

Short stories

La increíble historia de cómo me convertí en guapo.

Winner of the 2nd prize 2014 contest -Berna en 100 palabras-

Training & Workshops

Drama School (SP) in Guindalera Escena Abierta.

With Juan Pastor, Chelo García, Yolanda Porras and Ana Sala. Three year course. Meisner, Michael Chekov.

Acting for the camera (SP) in Central de Cine. Scenes & monologues. One year course.

Collective creation (SP) with Acciones Imaginarias.

Flanders acting studio (BE) with John Flanders. Monologues & scenes. Meisner, Chubbuk.

Brussels actors (BE) with Marcel González.

Acting (CH) with Michael Sauser. Theatre 2:21

Movement for actors (SP) with Arnold Taraborrelli.

Singing (SP) with Miguel Tubía.

Classical theater (SP) with Gabriel Garbisu.

Scene combat (SP) with Jesús Esperanza.

Lecoq techinque (SP) with Mar Navarro.

Additional Information

Member of the BIFFF (Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival) commission for the selection of national (BE), European and international short films.

Volunteer in Alias Asbl since 2015. Duties: SP-EN-FR interpreter for social/community support, street outreach and social/psycological/medical guidance for lgbtq+ sex workers.

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